Samson's Bio:

Samson was born Samuel Burke, in Montreal, Canada, to his parents Jack and Mina Burke. Sam attended Baron Byng High School and McGill University, both in Montreal.  As a teenager, Sam was interested in bodybuilding and worked for many years to tune and shape his body.  Part of his daily training regiment was swimming.  Sam became a competitive swimmer, capturing a number of "state" titles, including the 100 meter Butterfly and 200 meter Breaststroke.  Sam's love of the water also saw him leading his Water Polo team to win the national championships.  Sam represented Canada in the Olympic Games competing in the 200 meter Butterfly. He  was also selected as "Canada's Greatest All-Round Collegiate Athlete".   After leaving amateur swimming Sam participated in the 10 mile world swimming championship in Lake Ontario, in Ontario Canada.

After competing in and winning numerous local competitions, Sam won the title of "Mr. Montreal". He set his sights high,  pushed himself hard, and entered the national championships.  Sam  was again triumphant, and captured the high profile title of "Mr. Canada".  With this massive accomplishment under his belt, Sam turned his sights southward and relocated to sunny southern California.  Continuing his regiment of hard work, Sam entered and won the coveted "Mr. Muscle Beach" competition.  The International Federation of Bodybuilders named Sam the "Top Amateur Athlete in the World" at the world bodybuilding championships.

With his ultimate physique and physical fitness, Sam decided to try his hand at wrestling.  Like everything Sam tries, he succeeded...and succeeded big.  After consultation with famed wrestling promoter-booking agent Rudy Dusek, Samuel Burke was renamed "Sammy Berg - Mr.Canada". Sam spent several years in the ring, racking up hundreds of wins on his own, as well as a tag team partner.  Sam won the "World Heavyweight Wrestling" title in the late 1950's by beating then Champion, Buddy Rogers.  Along with Seymour Koenig, Sam also won the "International Television Tag Team" title in the late 50's.  Sam participated in matches across the country, including several fights at famed Madison Square Gardens.  Sam fought hundreds of matches against high profile wrestlers and boxers, including: Primo Canara, Antonio Rocca, Lou Thesz and even Joe Lewis, just to mention a few.

Sam again thought it was time for a change, and set his sights on Hollywood.  Sam starred in approximately 20 films in the United States and Europe. 

After several years of physically exhausting roles, he decided it was time to take life a little easier.  Sam decided to relocate to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, where he joined the crew of the hit show, Magnum PI.  Sam worked on Magnum PI until the show wrapped in 1988. 

Of course, through the years, he continued with his first love...physical fitness.  Today Sam operates his own personal training business.

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