The Three Stooges Meet Hercules:
Hercules Pg 1
Hercules Pg 2
Three Stooges and Samson Burke fans are going to love this page!  Below is a series of never before seen photographs, shot on the set during the filming of "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules".
Moe Howard, Larry Fine & Samson
Sam showing some of his wrestling moves
Samson & The Stooges (to the right)
Showing why he IS Hercules!
Showing why he IS Hercules!
Showing why he IS Hercules!
As part of the promotion for the film, these photos of Samson (holding a comb) were shot for an Ace Comb "Tie Up".  Ace hair combs were marketed under the slogan   "So strong, even Hercules can't break them!"

Curly-Joe DeRita with Samson

Moe & Curly-Joe with Samson
Samson (right) with the Stooges
The above three photos are an extreme treat for fans of Sam and of this classic film.  These rare color photos were privately taken on the set of the film.  This is the first opportunity fans have to see images from this 1962 black and white feature in vibrant color!


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